Questions distributors and installers

 Are there affiliate programs for dealers and installers Xtra TV?

For dilerіv i ustanovnikіv poslug Xtra TV dіyut spetsіalnі partnerskі programs, scho peredbachayut rіznі vzaєmodії way, i reklamnoї pіdtrimki zaohochennya. Details about іnformatsіyu dіyuchі partnerskih programa i of those yak to partner with Xtra TV, Wie can read! On storіntsі nashogo site "partners" - "Partnerska programa 's abo zv'yazavshis partnerskim vіddіlom to robotі s partner in the address elektronnoї why: sales@xtratv.com.ua

Technical questions

 What you need to become a subscriber Xtra TV?

Xtra TV Offers are available throughout the territory of Ukraine. The signal transmitted by satellites  AMOS 3 and ASTRA 4A, 4.8E (SIRIUS 5E), located in geostationary orbit in the orbital at 4W (see coverage). For reliable reception of signals from the satellite, we recommend using an antenna with a diameter of 90 cm.

 What receivers may be used to view Xtra TV?

To watch Xtra TV channels you have to use receivers with inbuilt Conax. card receiver. These devices have long been available on Ukrainian satellite TV market under the following brand names: Big Sat, Globo, Openbox, Orton, SkyGate, Startrack, Galaxy Innovations and many others. Satellite television signals may also be received using Conax , conditional access module, which may be installed in any receiver with Common Interface (CI). slot.

 Are other channels, not included in the Xtra TV package, can be watched on the existing equipment?

Surely. To receive any free-to-air (FTA) channels from the satellites your have access to, you have to find them first and save in your receiver's list of channels. For detailed information about this procedure, please refer to your receiver's user manual. The list of available FTA channels can be found here

 Is sound equalization available on Xtra TV package channels?

Access to the channels we offer is provided without any additional transformations.

 Why the audio track on many channels I receive comes in English?

Many channels offered in Xtra TV packages are broadcast with several <audio tracks> in different languages, including English. To select a certain <audio track> as the main option, you have to set a required language by default according to your receiver's user manual After that, your receiver will choose it as the main <audio track> , but you may still switch at any time to any other language available on that particular channel.

 Can I watch channels from Xtra TV packages in English?

Yes, certain channels includes to Xtra TV packages have additional English-language audio track. The audio track options may be changed using the

 What do I have to do if the signal is unavailable or of poor quality?

If the signal has suddenly disappeared on all channels, we recommend you to contact the company which installed your satellite equipment. If you want to fix the problem yourself, first make sure to check the integrity and serviceability of the whole receiving system:

1. If necessary, adjust the antenna's position (it could move out of its position because of the strong wind).

2. Check the converter (it could go out of service and must be replaced).

3. Check the integrity of sockets and the coaxial cable connecting converter and receiver.

4. Make sure that DiSEqC switch works (if your system has one).

5. Restart the receiver (turn it off and on again).

6. The quality of signal you receive may also be affected by the wear of your equipment (for example, corroded surface of receiving antenna, etc.).

 I can't see an Xtra TV signal.

Some typical reasons:

1-st reason. Possible failure: "encrypted channel" sign appears on the television screen, because the access card was incorrectly inserted in the receiver.

How to fix it: reinsert the card with chip facing the other direction ("up-down", when idle option to rearrange the contrary).

2-nd reason. Possible failure: receiver loading failed.

How to fix it: reload your receiver (turn it off and on).

3-rd reason. Possible failure: color (green, blue, red) background appears on the screen, significantly distorting the image.

How to fix it: check A/B receiver cable connection on your TV set - the cable connection could loosen.

4-th reason. Possible failure: you see no image on the screen but can hear a working radio station.

How to fix it: your receiver was switched to the <Radio> - mode. Press the <TV-Radio> button on your RCU again to return to TV channel viewing mode.

5-th reason. Possible failure: you are asked to enter the code when you're trying to enter receiver's menu.

How to fix it: try to enter the factory installation code <0000> or <1234> by default).

6-th reason. Possible failure: all or some channels are unavailable.

How to fix it:

1) Perhaps your receiver was switched to the mode of viewing channels from another satellite, and the list of channels on the screen doesn't show Xtra TV channels. Press <ОК> button on receiver's RCU and from the top list select AMOS 3 satellite which you need to switch to Xtra TV channels.

2) Some channels from Xtra TV packages were added later or have changed their names. Rescan the frequencies anew with Xtra TV broadcast parameters, and these channels will appear on the general list.

Connection to Xtra TV

 What are the advantages of satellite TV Xtra TV?

  1. Xtra TV - pay satellite TV is no written contract.
  2. Xtra TV access card can work with many models of decoders, a list which will be submitted shortly.
  3. Xtra TV offers a clear and reasonable rates.
  4. Xtra TV enables the informed selection of packages, since the cost of the access card will be included during the promo for a free viewing of all packages Xtra TV.
  5. Xtra TV does not provide for compulsory basic package - all Xtra TV packages include only paid thematic channels. this access card Xtra TV viewing does not preclude open source channels.

 What regions the Xtra TV service is available in?

Xtra TV offers are available anywhere in Ukraine.

The television signal is transmitted from AMOS 3 and ASTRA 4A, 4.8E (SIRIUS 5E), satellites located in a geostationary orbit in the orbital point 4W (see: coverage area ). To ensure stable receipt of satellite signal we recommend using a dish at least 90 cm in diameter.

 What is the Xtra TV access card?

To prevent unauthorized access to Xtra TV channels, upon expiration of the promotional period all television signals of Xtra TV packages will be broadcast in encrypted form. To view channels included in Xtra TV packages, you need a satellite receiving equipment complex which includes, as the main component, the access card with inbuilt microprocessor (chip). Every access card contains unique information required to decrypt Xtra TV television signals, and has unique number found on the face of the card which will be registered in our System , and which the subscriber will have to use as one of the identifiers. Information about all access cards is stored in Xtra TV database and enables accurate identification of customers and the services every one of them receives. The access card cannot be used to receive signals from other operators, and vice versa: access cards of other operators cannot be used to decrypt encrypted signals of channels offered by Xtra TV.

The Xtra TV access card does not prevent viewing of free-to-air TV channels.

 What other channels may I view in addition to those offered by Xtra TV?

In addition to TV channels offered in Xtra TV packages, our subscribers may also watch all free-to-air satellite-broadcast channels available through satellite TV equipment which subscribers may install, if desired (XtraTV does not sell or install subscriber equipment and has no control over quality, list, and availability of these channels).

Currently, Ukrainian viewers receiving signals from Amos 2,3 / ASTRA 4A, 4.8E (SIRIUS 5E) / HotBird 6, 8, 9 satellites may view in unencrypted form over 60 free-to-air channels of Ukrainian and CIS TV broadcasters (in Ukrainian and/or Russian) and over 300 channels broadcast in unencrypted form by operators from other countries. For detailed list of free-to-air channels, please visit Lyngsat website.

 What is the cost of the Xtra TV access card and what service does it provide?

The one-off fee for the card providing conditional access to all Xtra TV packages during the promotional period is UAH 199 (including VAT).

 Where can I buy an Xtra TV access card?

You may buy an Xtra TV access card by calling our customer service center at 759 and placing an order, and we will mail the access card to you to pay on delivery. Alternatively, you may leave your contact information and we will call you to discuss the access card ordering options.

 Do I need to buy a new access card every time my subscription expires?

Xtra TV access cards have unlimited period of use, if you fund your customer account in due time. If your account remains inactive during three years, your card will be blocked. After that, to continue using our services you will have to buy another card.

 How much does it cost to extend subscription to Xtra TV packages?

The cost depends on the configuration of chosen packages.  The information on the cost of the packages you may find here.  

 For how long may I extend my subscription?

To pay for your subscription, please remit your payment in a comfortable amount to our bank account. You have a choice of paying whenever it's convenient for you and the amount you feel comfortable to pay, if your customer account has sufficient funds to extend subscription to at least one Xtra TV package for one month (30 calendar days). To ensure uninterrupted availability of our programs, we recommend you to pay our fees at least 5 days prior to expiration of your subscription.

 How can I pay for extension of X-tra TV subscription?

You can pay for extension of your subscription to the package(s) of your choice by duly completing the payment form .

The most frequently asked questions (contact center)

 After I paid money to the specified number, I did not receive text message, confirming the transaction. Does it mean that money was not transferred to my personal account and access to the service is denied?

The technical aspect of the delivery of the sms-messages is out of control and responsibility of Xtra-TV and its contractors to ensure the correct dispatch of such messages. Among the reasons for non-receipt of messages can be identified, in particular, finding an appropriate extension operator out of reach, turning off the mobile phone at the time of sending of the message, as well as pre-set by the relevant service provider to block reception of data messages. Please check whether your case falls under one of the above.

 Since I did not receive sms-message after the payment, I believe that during this period the service was not provided, and therefore the money from the personal account was not charged. Am I eligible for an additional service?

Sms-messages are an optional, free for subscribers service, provision of which is the right of XtraTV. Public offer and the service rules are linked to the fact of displaying incoming funds to the account number, and not to the fact of sending sms-messages to our subscribers. The fact of transferring funds to the personal account of the subscriber is proved by the display of them on the account "balance" in the subscribers office online. You can also check the balance in our Call Center at tel. 759. To obtain rights to the service subscriber's receiver must be set to one of the encrypted channels, offered by XTRA TV, for two hours from the time of transferring funds. Additional services for the period from the date of display of the personal account of a client to the moment when he knew or could have known of the enrollment is not granted. Kindly requested to subscribers: To avoid possible misunderstanding on terms of transferring funds, please commit timely payments for the selected option of subscription for 5-7 days prior to its expiration.

 Decoder that I acquired from a distributor and that is recommended on the Xtra TV official web site, (a) does not turn on, or (b) does not work, or (c) the distributor sold the wrong version of the software that allows access to the service. Whom shall I contact to replaceme the device?

One of the benefits of the XtraTV service is the abscence of mandatory decoder supplied by the company as a mandatory precondition to connect to the service. Since the decoders are not sold by XtraTV, but by the  independent software vendors, which the customer chooses at its sole discretion, claims for refund or replacement of the purchased goods must be sent directly to the company, which sold such device in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights." We generalize your claims with respect to those or other suppliers of equipment and in case of multiple violations of your rights reserve the right to exclude the distributor from the above mentioned list. Since the timing and procedure for replacing the decoder is out of control of XtraTV, additional service during this period can not be granted.

Please note that on the market appeared counterfeit receivers Openbox. Xtra TV does not guarantee correct operation of access card with counterfeit goods, in this case with forged Openbox X-800 series. The most important difference - the date of issue.
It is included in the receiver's serial number, for example:
CSPSCIAS061104760, where
CSPSCIAS - model of the receiver, in this case, Openbox X-820CI
0611 - year 2006, November
04,760 - the number of the receiver in the shipment. The number on the back panel.

Original Receivers Openbox X-800/810/820 models have not been produced since January 2008, the last date of manufacture - 0712, ie December 2007. Counterfeits are dangerous to use.

 Contact center operator did not warn me that this model of the decoder is not compatible with the Xtra TV access card, card is already activated, what should I do?

According to the approved return policy of conditional access cards, a card is to be returned to the Company "Istil Telecom Ukraine", followed by the provision to the client of a new subscriber package. During the time of card shipment you will have time to buy a decoder compatible with the card and gain access to the service with a new XtraTV card containing prepaid promoperiod.

 Acquired card does not work with my receiver, listed as compatible withXtra TV, and I had to buy a new card, can I send you the old card for a refund?

This situation can be avoided by contacting the Call Center operator for instructions to complete restart of your decoder. This provides a complete breakdown of the restart of the device for a period of at least 5 minutes, with all the extra cables (such as LAN, USB, etc.) switched off, which will allow the decoder to decode the command to get all the channels of the Xtra TV offer . The reason for this may be the simultaneous use of multiple customer services with a decoder (TV, Internet). Since the card is working properly, there is no need to send it for replacement / refund under the Rules of return of access cards.

 The installer, who sold me Xtra TV access card, mistakenly told me about the 15-day promoperiod / handed me an old leaflet / did not inform me about the 5-days promoperiod? Am I eligible for an additional service?

Information about the introduction of 5 days promoperiod was published by Xtra TV in October 2012, we also informed distributors, dealers and installers. Partners of Xtra TV received enough new advertising fliers, old leaflets were to be withdrawn from circulation. Due to the fact, that installers actions are beyond the control of Xtra TV, additional services could not be provided.

 Contact center operator mistakenly failed to reduce the number of Xtra TV packages, or the reduce was appointed at a later date. I understand that my conversation with the operator was recordered and it will prove that I am right. What can I do?

Please call the Contact Center for resolution of your question in essence, stating the date of your application to reduce the number of packages, the desired date to reduce the number of packages, the number of packages to which you want to make a reduction, and the names of packages. Contact-center operator will record your inquiry, check recording of the conversation. Upon request, confirmed by records of conversations, the customer will be provided with additional services in the amount of service equivalent to the cost of wrongly debited from the customer's account funds to "restore" a subscriber to the position in which he would have been if no error was made.

 A conversation with the operator of the Contact Center was interrupted suddenly. Who is to call back and can I be sure that my application was accepted?

In the case of call interruption the Contact Center operator makes one attempt to call you back. If the user answers, the operator continues the request acceptance process. If the subscriber does not answer or is out of range application shall be considered "not accepted" and to follow its implementation the suscriber should call the Contact Center again.

 When I had to pick the desired package, I mistakanly chose the one without my favourite channel. What should I do?

Access to the Xtra TV service is provided package by package, not channel by channel. So if the subscriber chose "Knowledge" package, which does not contain "Okhota i rybalka" channel, he will receive access to "Knowledge", not the "Universal", where his favorite "Okhota" is located. Therefore we recommend before making an order to connect or disconnect Xtra TV packages, check their content carefully (included in the description of the packagess) as well as be attentive to the information submitted by the Operator during the ordering to connect or disconnect your packages.